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"A MUST READ for women who desire to create their own pathway to success!"
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"When leadership gets the best talent at the table, we'll have true gender equality"
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  Dr. Cortney Baker
In Unlimited, Here's What Your Audience Will Learn:
  • You'll learn the four challenges and obstacles that women face when climbing the corporate ladder.
  • You'll learn strategies that can be immediately acted on to help you advance  your career. 

  • You'll learn why the glass ceiling doesn't exist and how, when we frame it from a different perspective, we are empowered and motivated to conquer our career objectives.
  • You'll learn where workplace gender equality really begins.
  • You'll learn behavioral characteristics of transformational leadership, the style most favored in the workforce.
  • You'll learn, according to research, how long it will take for gender equality to be achieved in the upper ranks of leadership if we sit back and do nothing!
  • You'll identify and determine your alignment with your personal core values.
  • You'll leave inspired, motivated, and ready to conquer your biggest obstacles standing in the way of your success!
Dr. Baker's Inspirational Keynote Speech
Ain't No Mountain High Enough 
Ain't No Mountain High Enough

In this inspirational keynote, Dr. Cortney Baker challenges you to change your mindset and see life from a different perspective. She will share strategies to help you overcome your obstacles and challenges to be able to successfully move past the twists and turns life presents. You'll leave inspired and motivated, as you begin  to see your true potential, move past the mountains that keep you stuck, and make a game plan to conquer life!
Dr. Baker's Keynote Topics
  • Leadership Development 
  •  Entrepreneurship
  • Overcoming adversity 
  •  Gender equality 
  •  Conquering Confidence
 Here's What Audiences Are Saying:
Laura Lambert, CPA
Weaver- Conference Coordinator
Patty Johnson
WWL Conference Attendee
Fran O'Connor
Conference Attendee
"Dr. Cortney Baker is as tough as nails. Her strength and power are coupled with kindness and passion. A knock-out combination. She shares relatable stories and her spirit with all"-
Jennifer Yeo, WLL attendee
"Very motivating and relatable! Thank you for sharing your true self with women! I can tell that being authentic and bringing your true self to "work" everyday is impactful!"
Brittany F, HFMA LA Chapter
"Phenomenal speaker! Dr.Baker is truly inspiring and is pushing me to obtain my doctorate. Thank you for the "push" to see I CAN BE A SUPERHERO!"
April L, EWTG Attendee
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